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Employment FAQs

Camp staff love what they do. They thrive on the friendships created among the staff team and pour their hearts into developing trusting relationships with campers. You should apply if you have good judgment, take initiative, and enjoy living and working in a fast-paced, challenging, and community-centered outdoor environment. If you have prior experience working with youth, have completed our Leadership Training Program as a high school student, or have been a staff member at another camp or youth organization, then you will be even further equipped to succeed as a staff member in our high-quality program.

All staff are at least 18 years old or have graduated from high school.

Check out our Employment Opportunities page.

We give priority hiring to those who can work a full summer. All full-summer staff must be available for the duration of the summer season. Expect mid-June through mid-August for most positions. Leadership and senior staff start in early June, and some staff will be invited to work additional programs in August and September. All staff members attend at least one week of training and live on-site. Two hours of "off time" are provided each day, but employees must remain on-site. Staff members are given 24 hours of off time off-site most weekends Sunday morning to Monday morning.

The short answer is maybe. 

While we give hiring preference to those who can commit to the entire summer, we understand that you may have other personal or family obligations that conflict with camp. Whether it’s a college orientation, a family reunion, or some other event, the important thing is that we know about it at the time of your interview so that we can prepare ahead for your absence.

Please note, however, that most leadership positions require a full-summer contract.

Being a camp counselor requires lots of energy, enthusiasm, and the desire and ability to work hard in an outdoor setting. A typical day at Camp Natoma might look a little like this:

  • Wake up to the sound of a bugle and prepare your campers for a fun-filled day of connecting with nature and each other.
  • Attend the flag ceremony and morning staff meeting.
  • Fuel up for the day at breakfast (Did someone say French Toast??).
  • Give back to camp through “Kapers”, or daily camp chores.
  • Lead an activity (swimming, arts and crafts, or archery, to name a few).
  • Take a much-deserved hour off.
  • Chat with some new campers during lunch.
  • Supervise your campers during Rest Hour (THE BEST HOUR!)
  • Lead a game of Sharks and Minnows during Free Swim.
  • Take campers back to your campsite to change and enjoy a snack before the afternoon activities begin.
  • Help campers practice being curious in their nature exploration on a 2-hour hike during the “Afternoon Special” activity.
  • Attend evening flag and eat a delicious dinner.
  • Take part in an all-camp game of kickball.
  • Sing, laugh, tell jokes, and participate in skits at the nightly campfire...perhaps make a s'more?
  • Join your campers at the sink for a toothbrushing party before the bugle blows for bed.
  • Hang out in the staff lounge for another hour off.
  • Lights out for all - get some shut-eye to prepare for another day of adventures tomorrow!

A limited number of volunteer staff are selected each year. These volunteers typically have prior Natoma experience and are seeking to give back to the camp. Volunteers need to have their own vehicle. Please see our Volunteer page.

Applications are available online starting December 1st each year for the following summer season. Thoroughly read the job description for the position you are applying for. Additionally, make sure you are familiar with all information on the Camp Natoma website. It is recommended to turn your application in as soon as possible. Positions are filled on a rolling basis. Use the online application by clicking the “Apply” tab above.

Applications will be reviewed by the Camp Director. Prospective employees will be contacted to schedule an interview. Interviews will be offered via Zoom or in person. After the interview, references will be contacted and prior employment verified. Successful applicants will be sent an offer letter via email for conditional employment, pending the ability to pass an extensive background check.

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