Work Weekends @ Camp!

Camp Natoma relies on volunteers to maintain camp facilities.
Each spring, we host free, family-friendly work weekends to prepare camp for summer.

Will you join us this spring?

Typically starting at the end of April, our maintenance committee hosts work-weekends running Friday-Sunday every weekend till early June. Projects small and large are important for camp.

We're especially in need of skilled craftsmen - carpenters, electricians, plumbers, general contractors, bulldozer operators, roofers, etc. We also greatly appreciate generally handy and helpful volunteers - those able to operate weedwhackers, paint, clean and scrub. There are projects for everyone. 

If you'd like to get involved this spring, please contact us! It's a great way to ensure the future of Camp Natoma, make some new friends, and enjoy the beauty of camp in the springtime!

Prep weekends are fun and fulfilling - and you get to enjoy exclusive springtime camping at Natoma.

For more information, call or email Director of Operations Robbie Zbin, or 805-316-0163