Special Projects




Campership Drive - ongoing

Donate to help deserving youth attend Camp Natoma.




Kitchen Renovation Phase 1 - Spring 2016

This project is COMPLETE.  Volunteers have removed old flooring and walls, improved drainage, put in new plumbing and walls, and installed new floors. There's new paint, a new stove/range, and storage improvement.



Kitchen Renovation Phase 2 - Spring 2018-19

We are now fundraising for new refrigeration units, countertop appliances, cookware, serving equipment, stainless counters and storage units. We'll also be installing new screens and lighting.



New Restrooms Fall 2018-19

Retrofitting our outhouse "KYBOs" in to odorless, environmentally-friendly, easy to use and mainatin, "EnviroLoos" or E-Loo for short. Friends of Camp Natoma is driving this project - check it out or donate here:

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