Parent Info

Click here to download the 2020 Parent Information Packet 


2020 Camp Tours:

May 31 & June 20

Camp Natoma will be open for families to take a guided tour of program areas and campsites.
Meet the Camp Director and some program staff! Scheduled transportation is provided from Templeton on the camp bus.

Registration opens in April 2020.


2020 Director's Dinner

May 30

We are welcoming parents and guardians to a special dinner at Camp Natoma.
This is an opportunity to get to know the Camp Director and leadership staff as well as take a brief tour of the facilities. Learn how you can get more involved, the outcomes of our program, and a snapshot of our rich history.


Registration opens in March 2020.

Please feel free to call or email the Camp Director at any time with questions!


Camp Rules:

Campers are expected to follow basic behavior guidelines to ensure a safe and positive environment for all.

     RESPECT: Yourself, fellow campers, staff, nature, and camp property.

     Participate in activities and be willing to try new things.

    Wear closed toed shoes and activity appropriate clothing at all times.

     Alway remain within camp boundaries and stay on trails.

     Do not bring ANY food to camp. Food from meals and snacks must stay at Dining Hall.


In addition, to ensure all campers have a safe camp experience, each camper must be capable of the following: 

• Be able to understand, remember, and follow directions.
• Be able to respect and relate responsibility to other members of a group and the camp community.• Be able to accept responsibility for their own belongings and respect other’s belongings.
• Be able to participate as part of a group without ongoing one-on-one attention.
• Be able to provide age-appropriate self-care skills.
• Be able to seek help or support from a staff member when a challenge, conflict or other event is beyond camper’s capacity to solve.



Transportation into camp is provided for all campers by BUS from a Thacher Winery on Vineyard Drive in Paso Robles.


Check-in time is 2:00-2:30pm Sunday afternoon.

Pick-up time is 10:30am Saturday morning.


Sunday DROP-OFF:
All campers will ride a Camp Natoma Bus into camp. Meet on your session start date at Thacher Winery.
Check in between 
2:00 pm and 2:30 pm.

Upon arrival, staff will help you unload luggage, tag it, and place in appropriate location (designated by camper grade level).

After dropping luggage, please proceed to Check-In area behind the Tasting Room. With your camper(s), please stand in the check-in line. You will speak with a camp director, handle any additional purchases and have an opportunity to ask questions. If needed, you’ll then meet with camp medical staff.

Next, you’ll proceed to the camper send-off area: give your camper a hug, high five, and words of encouragement as they join games and activities with staff, prior to boarding the bus. This is the time to say your good-byes. You are welcome to stay and watch the bus boarding/departure, but it is not required.

DO NOT BE LATE! Staff departs with campers. If you miss the meeting time, your camper will not be able to enter camp.

Saturday PICK-UP:
All campers will ride the Camp Natoma Bus to meet parents at Thacher Winery at 
10:30am.Please find your camper and luggage and load in to your vehicle. “Drive-through” check-out will occur in the driveway. At this time the camper will be released and medication returned.

Please DO NOT contact Thacher Winery.

Questions: Email or phone: 805-709-2569
Please DO NOT contact Thacher Winery. 
Please be respectful of the private property Camp Natoma is utilizing for safe camper drop-off and pick-up. Obey all posted signs, park your car in designated areas only, and stay in the designated Camp Natoma area only.
NO SMOKING             NO PETS           DO NOT LITTER
NO cell phone reception and NO food available at this location, please plan accordingly.
Changes to camper drop-off or pick-up:
If a change arises due to an operational delay on the road, parents will recieve information at Thacher Winery. If a change arises prior to camper drop-off or pick-up time, or in case of emergency, parents will be contacted by email and a follow up phone call if time restrictions are in place. Other alerts or changes may be posted on the Camp Natoma website. In case of emergency, an instructional message on the Camp Fire Office message machine will provide further contact information.

Additional Info:

Financial Aid: A limited number of “Camperships” are available thanks to the generosity of local organizations and individuals. Email for an application. Deadline is May 15, 2019.

Campers and staff sleep on cots under the stars. Facilities are rustic, and include a full kitchen and screened dining hall, swimming pool, and showers.

Camp Natoma is rustic outdoor camping. Appropriate precautions are taken to protect for participant safety. Participants are exposed to outdoor conditions thorughout the day and night, which may include direct sunlight, natural hazards, insects, and animals.