Employment Opportunities

Summer Positions

We hire enthusiastic, caring role models. 

Our hiring process is rigorous and thorough as we seek to hire staff that has extensive youth development experience, an undeniable passion for inspring kids, a love for nature and a desire to work together as a team. We recruit mature, responsible individuals to be exceptional role models for campers and create a safe, caring camp environment. It is competitive to earn a position at Camp Natoma. All employees must pass an extensive background check.



Job Description available to download at the bottom of this page.


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Interested in working at CAMP NATOMA, but feel pressured to get a “real job”?
Read on for just a few of the professional skills and experiences that camp provides to prepare you for today’s workplace.
1. Constant communication
2. Self-directed team experience
3. Testing ground for leadership development
4. Meaningful problem-solving and decision-making
5. Experiencing and resolving conflict
6. Bottom-line contribution
7. Discipline
8. Receiving and growing from feedback
These are real-life professional skills, and you get to build them in a supportive environment where you’re making a difference in the lives of children. That’s way better than the “making copies and coffee” experience most internships offer.
Want a real job? Work at camp.