Counselors in Training (CITs)



Leadership Development for teens who have completed 10th and 11th grades.



Camp Natoma's Counselor-in-Training Program (known as CITs) are teens who are ready to get more than the "camper" experience. CITs are ready to take initiative, work directly with younger campers, learn from staff, and be part of an awesome team! The CIT program prepares teens to be more than a camp counselor - teens complete the program with increased self-confidence, a toolbox of leadership skills, and an increased awareness of their impact on the world around them.


CITs are:

Positive team players
Role models
 Enthusiastic about camp
 Helpful and friendly

CITs want to:

 Learn and practice leadership skills
Try new things
 Take on challenges
 Discover their potential



How to become a CIT:

1. Fill out and submit application.
2. Have a parent/guardian register you for at least 2 sessions of camp.
3. A camp staff member will call you to disucss your application. 
4. Prepare for a meaningful summer of fun and learning! 
Contact us if you have questions! 
Director of Programs  - Miranda Thompson